Our family has been given a gift.

In the sun-drenched mountains of Kalamata, in the village of Pelekanada is our home. There are countless paths that lead through our fields as far as the eye can see.

If you take one path, you are surrounded by olives trees that are hundreds of years old; olive trees that were inherited from our grandparents that they inherited from their grandparents; trees that produce the highest quality olive oil and olives in the world.

If you take another path you are engulfed in fig trees. These trees produce the sweetest figs which you can pick right off the tree when the hot summer sun has ripened them to perfection.

Another path leads to lush vineyards with grapes hanging in every shade of purple and green.

You don't always have to go far. Right in our yard is every fruit, vegetable and spice you can imagine. The bees buzzing in your ear are hard at work making honey for the queen bee. Everything is fresher, brighter and tantalizing aromas fill the air.

This is the gift that we are so lucky to have received.

We believe that such amazing gifts should be enjoyed by everyone. This is why we created Monopati, which in Greek means path.

Monopati is a family and we want to share what our family has to offer with you.